Wearing a toddler


Wearing a toddler… really?


We often talk about the good reasons for wearing a newborn against our heart, but once that adorable little human walks, even strangers sometimes make us feel that she is no longer supposed to be that close to us…

Here are some situations that illustrate the usefulness of the toddler carrier 😉



  1. When your little guy walked all day at the zoo and refuses to take another step to get to the car!
  2. At the park, it’s time to leave. Your child thinks quite the opposite and lets you know with a “I’m-a-rag-doll-now” tantrum.
  3. In a parking lot: Your hands are full of bags, sweetheart decides to practice for the marathon.
  4. It is possible to watch an outdoor show when you are higher than your usual 3 feet tall.
  5. Your big fellow is sick and wants to be reassured in the arms of Mommy/Daddy.
  6. You’re late for an appointment. There is an interesting pebble that MUST be observed!
  7. It’s naptime, but you’re not at home.
  8. You take a walk in the forest. The stroller does not like those roots and mud.
  9. There is NO chance of losing your child in a crowd if she is comfortably wrapped on your back.


Do what is best for you and your family. Happy toddlerwearing!